12 hours. apa format | Business & Finance homework help

Sep 12, 2023


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12 hours. apa format | Business & Finance homework help
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Utilizing last week’s three social media platforms that you chose for your company, explain in detail how you will effectively utilize each media. You can create example ads/storyboards, or just type the information. I encourage you to utilize your creativity. If your plan includes driving traffic from one platform to another be sure to include the information. For example, explain if your Pinterest post ties in with Instagram, your blog, website, or YouTube.

Be sure to clearly delineate the three-different media you chose. Use Figures 15-5, 15-8, and 15-9 for inspiration. This assignment should follow APA format.

If you decide to change your social media platforms from last week, you may, just include an asterisk* after the new social media and explain below why you changed



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