5 pages book analysis the hippies by john moretta please help me

Aug 7, 2023



Book analysis The Hippies by John Moretta 

Please help me answer this prompt.

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5 pages book analysis the hippies by john moretta please help me
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Your papers are to be a minimum of five typed, double-spaced pages, with no more than one inch margins on the sides and top and bottom of page. 12-pt. font, please. I must receive your papers as a word attachment by no later than midnight, December 3rd, 2017. Please send your papers to my college email 

My teacher is the author of the book so we need to be very accurate and precise with the analysis please

5 days ago

I just want to share with you a note that the teacher posted.Just a reminder that your papers/book analyses of my book on the hippies is due by midnight December 3rd. Please read the prompt provided carefully. Prompt is in plain view toward the end of Module One. Minimum of 5 pages. Your papers are not research papers but your analysis of the book by answering the questions in the prompt. Weave your answers into your general narrative and provide examples from the book to substantiate your analysis. Just cite the page number from the book where you got the information. No outside sources are needed. I also carefully scrutinize your papers for plagiarism,especially if you did not buy the book or read and are just trying to “fake it” by using other sources. Please do not do that. No late papers will be accepted.

So I know you will need the book so I purchased an ebook through Google email: [email protected] and password: yeniok99

Please let me know if you can access it or if you need anything else.

Thanks a lot!! I know you would do a great job as always! : )


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