8-3 practice activity: research questions cj140

Jul 19, 2023


For your final course in criminal justice, you will create a research question that you will then investigate further. To assist you in this task, review the following list of current research topics covered in each course. Choose one of those topics (or another topic covered in this course) and create one to three research questions based on that topic. Then submit the questions to your instructor.

This research question assignment is graded based on completion, and instructor feedback should help you strengthen your questions for future use. After you have submitted the questions to your instructor, upload them (and the list of potential topics below, if you wish) to your ePortfolio PDF.

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8-3 practice activity: research questions cj140
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For more information on creating research questions, refer to this research resource from the Shapiro Library. This page also has a helpful FAQ section on research-question creation and expectations that you may want to explore further.


  • Different types of communication styles and approaches
  • Different channels of communication (face-to-face, email, phone call, MDT, etc.)
  • Appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Crisis communication techniques
  • The importance of situational awareness
  • The consequences of ineffective communication
  • The importance of aligning communications and mission
  • The importance of appropriate communication with various groups
  • Interviewing purposes, techniques, and strategies
  • Developing interview questions
  • The importance of the interview setting
  • How criminal justice professionals demonstrate professionalism in court proceedings

Specifically, the following rubric criteria must be addressed:

  • Submit one to three research questions based on a topic covered in this course.

Guidelines for Submission

This assignment must be completed in a written format.

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