According to sociologists the big house image of theAccording to sociologists the big house image of the

Feb 15, 2024


1. Between 1200 and 1827, English law:
A) a. discriminated against the upper social classes.

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According to sociologists the big house image of theAccording to sociologists the big house image of the
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B) b. strove for equality in all matters.

C) c. discriminated against monks, nuns, and priests.

D) d. discriminated in favor of the upper social classes.

2. Recognizance was first used in court to recognize a formally recorded ___________to perform some act entered by a judge to permit an offender to live in the community.
A) a. indebtedness

B) b. obligation

C) c. appreciation

D) d. debt

3. Judges may use a range of ________________ sanctions from those exerting a low level of control to those exerting a high level of control.
A) a. truth in sentencing

B) b. determinate

C) c. intermediate

D) d. mandatory

4. The concept of community corrections is best understood as a goal. That goal clearly is to:
A) a. save money.

B) b. reduce reliance on prisons.

C) c. reduce crime.

D) d. both save money and reduce reliance on prisons.

5. The new movement that seeks to establish correctional programs falling between standard probation and prison is called:
A) a. penal sanctions.

B) b. probation.

C) c. primary sanctions.

D) d. intermediate sanctions.

6. A major criticism of probation, as traditionally practiced, is that:
A) a. it is too impersonal.

B) b. the probation officers don’t really care about the client.

C) c. it is inadequate for a large number of offenders.

D) d. there aren’t enough offenders to make it work.

7. Probation granted under conditions of strict reporting to a probation officer with a limited caseload is known as:
A) a. intensive supervision program

B) b. presentence investigation

C) c. supervision intensive program

D) d. individual program supervision

8. According to your text, jail suicides are primarily caused by:
A) a. the limited personal space provided in jail facilities.

B) b. the crisis nature of arrest and detention.

C) c. emotional instability, which is exacerbated by the jail experience.

D) d. both the crisis nature of arrest and detention and emotional instability.

9. By far the most successful pretrial release program is:
A) a. unsecured bail.

B) b. percentage bail.

C) c. forfeit bail.

D) d. release on recognizance (ROR).

10. __________ is a drug that inhibits drinking.
A) a. Methadone

B) b. Cocaine

C) c. Antabuse

D) d. Malabuse

11. America’s oldest prison was built in 1798. This prison was located in what city in New Jersey:
A) a. Dalton

B) b. Trenton

C) c. Wilmington

D) d. Wilbur

12. The prison design most often used for female and juvenile inmates is:
A) a. Radial design

B) b. telephone pole design

C) c. campus style

D) d. courtyard style

13. The __________ model was dominant in the 1960s and early 1970s.
A) a. retribution

B) b. incapacitation

C) c. rehabilitation

D) d. reintegration

14. At present, the focus of corrections has shifted to:
A) a. crime control.

B) b. rehabilitation.

C) c. treatment.

D) d. restitution.

15. Most prisons employ a __________ model.
A) a. rehabilitative

B) b. reintegration

C) c. retributive

D) d. custodial

16. According to sociologists, the “big house” image of the American prison has:
A) a. ceased to show a limited understanding of the contemporary prison.

B) b. provided us with a deeper understanding of the modern prison.

C) c. spawned a great deal of humanitarian reform in the eyes of the public.

D) d. created interest in the operations of the modern prison among the general public.

17. A majority of all state prisoners throughout the country are housed in __________ prisons.
A) a. maximum security

B) b. medium security

C) c. minimum security

D) d. super max

18. With the correctional focus shifting to crime control, some believe offenders have had it too soft, resulting in:
A) a. the institution of strict regimes in prisons.

B) b. the removal of educational and recreational amenities from prisons.

C) c. an increase in the number of people in prison.

D) d. all of these.

19. Responsibility of housing federal pretrial detainees belongs to:
A) a. the FBI.

B) b. the Secret Service.

C) c. the Marshal’s Service.

D) d. none of these.

20. Prisons designed to hold the “toughest of the tough” are called:
A) a. maximum security prisons.

B) b. solitary confinement.

C) c. custodial confinement.

D) d. super-max prisons.


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