Alcoholism and it’s effect on minors today

Jun 22, 2023


here are the details of the assignment:

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Alcoholism and it’s effect on minors today
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The topic:“Alcoholism and it’s effect on minors today”.



1.  This Research paper will be a review of litarature or a theory based on this topic: “Alcoholism and it’s effect on minors today”.

2.  It will not have more than 20 pages and will be distributed as follows:

        a.  Title page (Page 1)
        b.  Abstracr page (Page 2)
        c.  Research (Pagess 3 – 18)
        d.  References (Pages 19 – 20)

Remember that it does not have to be 20 pages long but it should not be less than 14 or 15 pages.
3.  It must follow the APA style page format, in relation to margins, type and size of Font, running head, headings, page numbering, and line spacing. 

4.  The citations in the text and the reference list must follow APA style strictly.

5.  The Research must be presented in a clear and concise manner. You should: define terms, present pro and con arguments, and quote.

6.  Writing is important, so it is important to follow the rules of gramar, the use of capital letters, punctuation, italics and bold.

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