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Sep 14, 2023


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American history | HUM 2332 | Florida Institute of Technology
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Answer the following questions in APA format with References:


1)Over the long scope of the course, one of the central topics discussed has been the contentious history of race relations in the United States. In your essay, please briefly discuss the history of American race relations from post-WWII America through to the present. Touch on some of the major turning points, events, and court cases that help explain the history of race relations. In your answer, discuss where you think the current state of race relations in America stands, and whether you think the civil rights movement achieved the goals it set out to achieve after WWII.

2) During the 1960s, the United States had become a more open, more tolerant – in a word, freer – country. Defend or refute this statement.

3) How did Barack Obama’s presidential campaign connect with the history of American freedom?

References to include:

Foner, E., DuVal, K., & McGirr, L. (2022). Voices of Freedom: A Documentary History (7th ed.).

Foner, E., DuVal, K., & McGirr, L. (2023). Give Me Liberty (7th ed.).

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