Ancient mathematical tool | Mathematics homework help

Jul 19, 2023


Option 1: For your second paper should you choose this option, I want you to research an ancient mathematical tool. In your paper, I want you to answer the following questions:

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Ancient mathematical tool | Mathematics homework help
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  • When was the ancient tool developed?
  • How was the tool used?
  • Is this tool still in use today?
  • How is it being used today?
  • If it’s not in use today, if it still existed, how would you use it today?
  • What benefits would be gained from its use? 
  • What modern tool/device would be its successor?

These are the questions that I would like for you to answer as you organize your thoughts about your ancient tool of choice.  For example, the abacus is an ancient tool that originated in the ancient country of Babylon that was used for various computations. In some countries, the abacus is still used today, & its beneficial are beyond measure, literally & figuratively.  It’s successor instrument is the modern day digital calculator.

You can’t use the abacus in your paper as an ancient tool of choice to write about. However, as you research your ancient tool of choice, & prepare your thought process, make sure you answer the above questions provided. Finally, make sure that your paper is at least 2 pages, or as close to 2 pages minimum as possible.

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