Answer questions from ″wild geese″ novel by martha ostenso chapters

Jul 15, 2023

STUDY QUESTIONS: Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Provide direct quotations with page numbers where applicable. CHAPTERS FIFTEEN TO TWENTY-THREE 1. In what ways do Caleb’s abuse and tyranny over his family intensify in these chapters? Why does his abuse escalate? 2. Why is the ax left in the barn? 3. In what ways does Caleb continue to blackmail and manipulate his neighbors? 4. What has Martin been doing while his arm healed? What conclusion does he reach? 5. How and why does Mark stand up to Caleb? What is the reaction of the members of the community to this defiance? 6. Why does Amelia not want the children to go to the jubilee? What mistake does she make when talking to Caleb about the jubilee? Why does Caleb allow the children to go to the jubilee? 7. What plan do Jude and Lind have for Jude’s escape? 8. What is Jude’s secret? How does Amelia react to this secret? 9. What has happened to the ax in the barn wall? Explain the significance. 10. Who inadvertently starts the brushfire? Explain the significance. 11. What causes Amelia’s newfound courage? How does Caleb react? 12. Explain how Caleb’s abuse of his family escalates near the end of the novel. Explain why it has escalated. 13. What realization does Caleb come to about his life? 14. Discuss the irony and justness of Caleb’s demise. 15. Give examples of foreshadowing for the ending of the novel. 16. Explain the symbolism of the wild geese in terms of the ideas and characters they symbolize throughout the novel. Use direct quotations to support your answer. 

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Answer questions from ″wild geese″ novel by martha ostenso chapters
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