Arts ambassador | Architecture and Design homework help

Sep 13, 2023


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Arts ambassador | Architecture and Design homework help
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The local school board is considering cutting funding to the arts programs in your school. Your principal was impressed with the tours you gave and would like you to write a report on the value of the arts in your school. As a passionate advocate for the arts, your report should highlight the great courses and extracurricular activities from your Week 1 presentation and explain why the arts deserve to be funded.

Write a 800 -word paper in which you:

· Provide examples of both visual and performing arts, along with specific terminology from the course to describe how a person encounters the arts.

· Explain why the arts are important to our humanity.

· Include anecdotes from successful professionals (e.g., business leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities) who explain why they are patrons of the visual and performing arts.

· Explain how the arts contribute to a culture of diversity.

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