Brazil Hydrosphere & BiosphereBrazil Hydrosphere & Biosphere

Feb 15, 2024

Brazil Hydrosphere & Biosphere(4 Pages)(Mla Format)


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Brazil Hydrosphere & BiosphereBrazil Hydrosphere & Biosphere
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What is one major body of water found within, or adjacent to, each of your assigned nations? Describe them, and give a brief description of where they are found. 

 – How are humans using these features (fishing, tourism, wildlife etc)? 

– Does human use of these features create concern for the future of these features or the living organisms found within them? If so, explain how, and describe what is being done about it.

Part 4: Biosphere / Environmental Sustainability Challenges:

– What are several of the most common species of wildlife (plants or animals) in your assigned nations?  Which ones are native to your nations, and which ones came from elsewhere (called “exotic” species)? 

– How did the exotic species arrive, and are they threatening the existence of any native species? 

– Sustainable development involves balancing the environment, the economy, and society to achieve the best long-term benefits for all. What type of sustainable development programs/efforts exist to improve your nations’ environmental problems that you discussed earlier in this paper? Your answer can include actions being taken by either your assigned nations or other nations providing assistance.

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