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Sep 13, 2023

CRM 123 – Case Analysis Instructions

The goals of this assignment are to provide a valuable skill and to assess your ability to comprehend and
apply case law. Reading, briefing, and applying what you are reading in your textbook and learning in the
modules are effective ways to become literate in the process of the U.S. legal system.

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Case | Criminal homework help
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Conducting an Analysis
Before making and defending a decision, you must be familiar with the relevant law. For our purposes,
your textbook and course material provide all the legal concepts needed to apply the law to a factual
situation. Once you are familiar with the general content of the chapter, you should be able to recognize
the issue involved in a case and find the legal concepts that will help you decide the case. For your
reference, a sample analysis is provided at the end of this document.

First, you will read the assigned fact patterns (provided via a link in the module). Then, you will complete
an analysis for all fact patterns presented. Each analysis should contain the following:

1. The main issue. Identify and write (in your own words, at least 50% original) the central issue to be
decided. As much as possible, set the issue in legal terms and concepts.

2. Relevant legal concepts quoted from textbook court opinions. Search the assigned chapter for legal
concepts that will help you decide and justify your decision. Once you find the quotations you wish to use,
copy them into the appropriate places in your analysis.

3. Relevant case law quoted from the textbook.

4. Rationale. Write (in your own words, at least 50% original) a complete explanation about how you
used the legal concepts you cited to make a decision about how the case should be resolved.

5. Ruling. Describe (in your own words, at least 50% original) what should happen to the parties involved
as a result of your decision.

Submit your Case Analysis to the Assignment box no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of the
assigned module. (The Assignment box for these assignments maybe linked to Turnitin.)

Grading Rubric

Exceptional corresponds to an A (90-100). Performance is outstanding; significantly above the usual

Proficient corresponds to a grade of B- to B+ (80-89%). Skills are at the level of expectation.

Basic corresponds to a C- to C+ (70-79%). Skills are acceptable but improvements are needed to meet
expectations well.

Novice corresponds to a D to D+ (60-69%). Performance is weak; the skills are not sufficiently
demonstrated at this time.
0 This criterion is missing or not in evidence.


0 Novice Basic Proficient Exceptional

Correctly framing the specific legal question
to be decided

12-13 14-15 16-17 18-20

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