Case study edwards | Education homework help

Jul 19, 2023


Review the following Case Study: Columbus Custom Carpentry: A Compensation Case Study

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Case study edwards | Education homework help
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Columbus Custom Carpentry: A Compensation Case Study

Columbus  Custom Carpentry is a small, successful company.  Recently, though,  labor costs have risen faster than revenue. The company president has  also found that human resource issues are taking up more and more of his  time and frequently result in production problems. Both overtime and  late shipments are increasing. Until now, the president’s administrative  assistant handled all HR-related administrative activities. You are  here as the newly-hired HR manager. You will learn about the company by  reading the employee handbook; talking with various employees; and  reviewing the human resources information system (HRIS) database. 

In  this case, you will learn and create internal and external pay equity  analyses. This case is presented as close as practical to the way  students will encounter data in the working world. Materials include  an employee handbook, and a HRIS database (i.e. Excel Workbook). 

Please  note: you may need to maximize the HRIS database spreadsheets in order  to view the multiple sheet tabs near the bottom of the screen.

Reference:  Reys, D. (2023). Columbus custom carpentry: A compensation case study.   Society for Human Resource Management, Instructor Resources. 

Using  the attached materials and information above, you will conduct an  internal and external pay equity analysis, as well as provide  recommendations.  

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