CBB064: Produce an A3 poster which shows Hand-drawn coloured labelled diagrams of the male and female Reproductive system In your labelling explain how the organ’s structure relates to its function: NURSING Assignment, OCN University London, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject Nursing

Task 1 – Poster (AC1.1, AC1.2)

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CBB064: Produce an A3 poster which shows Hand-drawn coloured labelled diagrams of the male and female Reproductive system In your labelling explain how the organ’s structure relates to its function: NURSING Assignment, OCN University London, UK
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a)  Produce an A3 poster that shows hand-drawn, colored, labeled diagrams of the male and female reproductive system.  In your labeling, explain how the organ’s structure relates to its function.

b)  Include a table that evaluates the effects of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone on the reproductive system.  (Maximum 150 words)

Task 2 – Flowcharts and written summary (AC2.1, AC2.2)

a)Create a flow chart, summarising the pathway of sperm from the male testes to the uterine tube.

b)Create a flow chart, summarizing the pathway of an ovum from the female ovary to implantation in the uterus.

c) Indicate on both flowcharts where fertilization could occur.

d) Summarize what changes must take place in the sperm and ovum to achieve fertilization.

Maximum 350 words for the task. Labelled and titled hand-drawn images may be included.

Task 3 – information leaflet (AC2.4)

Make an information leaflet for first-time parents explaining the role of the placenta.

Maximum 200 words. All drawings must be labelled. The leaflet should fold twice.

· For tasks 1-3, where you use facts and ideas from sources such as textbooks or websites, reference your work using in-text citations and a bibliography in the Harvard style. References are not included in the word count.

· Include the word count on your work. Work must not exceed the word limits given as this could affect the grading. Work that exceeds the word limit excessively will not be assessed beyond the maximum given for each task.

· Ensure that you read the assessment criteria and grade guidance carefully, so that you understand what you have to meet to pass this unit, and how to get a Merit and Distinction.

Task 4 – in-class exam (AC1.3, AC2.3, AC2.5)

This is a closed book exam of 1 hour’s duration on the menstrual cycle, early embryo development and the hormones involved in childbirth and lactation.

The exam will take place on [INSERT DATE].

It will start at … and end at … If you require extra time or other assistance for the exam, this should be brought to the attention of your tutor by [INSERT DATE] so that the request can be considered and, if agreed, suitable arrangements made.

Examination rules and procedures

Arrive for the exam early.  If you arrive after the exam has started, you will not be permitted to enter the examination room as it would disturb your fellow learners.

Mobile telephones must be switched off and placed out of reach.

You will be provided with a question and answer booklet.

You are permitted to use some pens, pencils, a ruler and a rubber.  You may have a bottle of water on your desk.

All your other personal belongings need to be left at the front of the room away from the desks. You are not permitted to bring any notes into the examination.

Once the exam has started you must not communicate with anyone except the invigilator.  If you need to communicate with the invigilator, you should raise your hand and wait for her/him to come to you.

You need permission from the invigilator to leave the examination room (e.g. to go to the toilet). If you leave the room then you may not take the question paper or your answer booklet with you. If you leave without permission then you will not be permitted to re-enter the examination.

You should not leave your desk until all your papers/scripts have been collected.  You should not speak to your peers until you have left the examination room.

Any learners found to have broken the rules of examination will have their scripts automatically invalidated. This means that you will have to undertake a resubmission examination.

Preparing for the examination

Make sure that you have read the assessment criteria (1.3, 2.3 and 2.5) and grade guidance so that you know what to revise and what is expected from your answers.

If you normally need to be contactable by phone, ensure that those who may contact you are aware of the times that you will be in the examination and will not have access to your phone.

Level 3 Unit title:  The Reproductive System

Learning outcomes Assessment criteria

This is what you will learn in the unit. This is what you must be able to demonstrate that you can do in your assignment in order to achieve the unit.
The learner will: The learner can:
1.   Understand the structure and functions of the male and female reproductive organs.

1.1. Explain how the structure of the male and female reproductive organs relate to their function.

1.2. Evaluate the effects of testosterone, progesterone and oestrogen on the reproductive system.

1.3. Interpret the menstrual cycle.

2.   Understand the processes of fertilisation, pregnancy and birth.

2.1. Summarise the journey taken by the gametes to achieve fertilisation.

2.2. Explain the process from fertilisation to implantation.

2.3. Describe the early stages of a developing embryo.

2.4. Explain the role of the placenta.

2.5. Compare and contrast the role of hormones during birth and lactation.

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