Chapter summary/evaluation (summarize chapter 7)

Sep 13, 2023


Criminal Procedure: Law and Practice, 10th Edition or any later edition..

FIRST, please summarize the entire applicable chapter of our course text in your own words. Be sure to organize your summary logically to make it reader-friendly. Your summary section should contain only summary of the chapter with little or no personal views …. Please use subtitles to organize our summary.

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Chapter summary/evaluation (summarize chapter 7)
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The next section of your work should be devoted to an evaluation of the chapter. This is where you add your personal views and opinions on the work you just summarized.  This assignment must be submitted in only ONE file! First you summarize the chapter (2) then you evaluate the chapter (3) then you discuss your policy implications or suggestions – see below for suggested TEMPLATE or format ….

The evaluation or critique part should contain your views/opinions on the chapter you summarized. This evaluation part is also an excellent place for you to cite your sources to back up your personal views. Because this evaluation part contains mostly YOUR views, you should cite at least one source to strengthen your views. Cite at least one OTHER source (NOT the work you are evaluating) in this evaluation part.  While evaluating the chapter, you can comment on all or some of the following itemized points as part of your evaluation of the chapter … also bring in your own evaluation criteria and comment on them as you like …. You do NOT have to include the questions just your opinions on them …. Please see the samples …

Evaluation is basically a critique which is essentially positive and negatives about the work and this is the most important part of this assignment. 

  1. Do you like the area/topic or issue covered in the chapter (or work)?
  2. Why or why not?
  3. How about the language used in the work – easy or difficult to understand?
  4. Findings – surprise? – agree with findings if any?
  5. Length of the article …. brief article or just right/average length?
  6. Usefulness or utility of the chapter especially issues covered
  7. Methodology used … logical, scientific, confusing, … etc
  8. Conclusions of your evaluation
  9. Is the article practically useful – utility and usefulness of the article
  10. Type of data used in the article and your views about the data
  11. Simple or complex statistical analysis?
  12. Policy implications of the finding or suggestions based on the finding – any thoughts?
  13. Other comments … etc including if the issue covered is contemporary or just for academic purposes …
  14. Again, please note that you must cite your sources in the “evaluation” part of your work to support your views …. Please don’t forget the “Policy Implications” of your work. Review my post/announcement on “Policy Implications.” Simply put, Policy Implications are just your suggestions or recommendations on the issues based on you’re the conclusions you reached in your work.

The deliverable length should be between  500 – 800 words per assignment and you must write the number of words you used at the end of your work. Of course, you can use more words if you need to … and this is often the case depending on how you structure your work. Please do not include the cover page, abstract, and list of references in the minimum deliverable length. 

So my suggested subheadings for this assignment:

  1. Your title
  2. Introduction
  3. Summary Section: use subheadings to organize your summary … no citations here
  4. Evaluation of the chapter (cite your sources here) … you need citations here because this is where you state  your views and opinions.
  5. Conclusions and Policy Implications

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