Children health through play | Education

Sep 12, 2023

Unit 2: Children’s Health Through Play Activity Plan

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Children health through play | Education
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CHS254 Health, Safety and Nutrition


You will design a lesson for a fun play activity based on an
Early Learning Standard to help children meet an
Objective. You will include the method/tool you would use to
Assess whether individual children meet the objective of the play activity.

Additionally, you will use this template to identify the health problem or disorders you would assess during this activity and describe the method you would use to record your findings.


Use this template to create your play activity. You will address each point completely. You will need to include the following:

Children’s Health Through Play Activity Plan

a) Title of the Lesson:

b) Number of Children in Group:

c) Children’s Age Group:

d) Length of Lesson:

1. Early Learning Standard: Identify an early learning standard from the CT ELDS or your state’s early learning standards.

· Domain:

· Strand:

· Learning Progression:

· Indicator:

· Source:

2. Objective (Begin with the words, “The children will….”

3. Assessment: Describe the assessment tool that you will use to assess the objective for your activity. (NAEYC: 3a)

4. Instructional Procedure: (NAEYC: 5c): Describe the lesson to show how you would engage and teach children to ensure that you meet your stated objective.

· Introduction (how you begin the lesson)

· Content of Lesson (brief description)

· Closing (how you end the lesson)

5. Health Problem or Disorder to Assess: You are only required to assess one issue, such as vision, hearing, speech, and language, or motor ability.

6. Activity Choice: Describe why you chose this activity and how this activity will identify the problem or disorder.

7. Assessment Method and Tools: Describe the method you will use to record your findings for each individual child.

8. Home-School Connection: Describe how this assessment activity could be replicated in the home.

9. What Observations would indicate the need for further screening or referral?



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