Class presentation- psychological disorder and treatment

Aug 6, 2023

Select a psychological disorder of interest covered in the textbook.  Develop a seven slide (minimum) PowerPoint presentation, Prezi, Google Slides that:

Slide 1 – Introduction slide with your name and the psychological disorder you selected

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Class presentation- psychological disorder and treatment
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Slide 2 – Define the psychological disorder and what type of disorder it is (anxiety, depressive, schizophrenia, dissociative, personality, or eating)

Slide 3 – Identify the population that the disorder occurs most frequently (could be age and/or biological sex).

Slides 4 -5 – Define three symptoms of the disorder and how each symptom impairs a person’s functioning.

Slide 6 – Discuss the most widely used therapy or therapies (psychological, pharmacological, or other) used to treat this disorder.

Slide 7 – Reference slide (cite the textbook and one other source you researched).

Citations on the slides and a references slide are required.  All citations and references should be in APA format.

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