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Aug 7, 2023

 The Purpose of This Assignment This short essay is an opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the texts we have read so far. Just as importantly, it is a way to make sure that you know how to compose and properly format a writing assignment. In order to pass this assignment, you will have to demonstrate a clear understanding of the texts and an ability to communicate your own opinion in print. What You Need to Do In two or three double-spaced pages, but no more than five, answer the following set of questions: According to our authors, what is communism? Why is it good and necessary? How do we get there? Notice that I am not asking you to tell me what you think communism is and whether or not you think it′s a good idea. What I ask is that you tell me, as best you can, what our authors think about communism, it′s goodness and necessity, and the way to achieve it. In order to receive credit, your paper must: be properly formatted have a title, proper citations, and a bibliography or works cited page be double-spaced with normal margins (approx. 1′′) and 11 or 12-point font be at least one or two pages long, but no more than three In your paper, you must discuss the following primary materials: The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels The State and Revolution by Vladimir Lenin Furthermore, you must also discuss at least one of the following: L′Internationale (1871), the workers′ anthem by Eugene Pottier ″The Socialization of Society″ (1918) by Rosa Luxemburg ″Soon (in 48 Years Time)″ (1922) by Alexandra Kollontai ″The Problem of Dictatorship″ (1918) by Rosa Luxemburg ″On the Death of Lenin″ (1924) by Joseph Stalin Stalin on Rapid Industrialization (1931) Three Songs of Lenin (1934), directed by Dziga Vertov The Short Essay will be graded on a credit/no-credit basis. If it is properly formatted, clearly written, addresses every part of the prompt, and shows that you have read and thought carefully about the subject matter, then you will receive full credit. Otherwise, I will return the paper with brief comments and advice for revision. You may resubmit the paper as many times as necessary in order to receive full credit. 

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Communism | Education homework help
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