Computer science biometrics week 7 assignment

Sep 14, 2023



Scenario Exercise:

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Computer science biometrics week 7 assignment
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Your company Acme Logistics has recently been experiencing some thefts of equipment during the business day. All employees have been asked about the thefts and no one is claiming that they are responsible. Your facilities has three doors that are not locked during business hours and currently have no identification standards set for admittance.

You have been tasked with resolving this issue technologically. Using a mixture of Biometric devices, surveillance systems with advanced tracking for biometric tags such as gait analysis, and other items or technology you deem necessary, you must capture these individuals and stop the thefts. You need to produce a plan on how you are going to tackle this situation. You should submit a proposal with the following items:

1) What is the situational breakdown?

2) What is the technology you will use to secure access to authorized individuals at the three public doors?

3) What is the technology you will use to capture the individuals in the act of stealing items?

4) What is the anticipated cost to the company?

5) What is the anticipated roll out time frame?

6) Are there any legal issues we must be concerned about?

Please answer these questions as a business proposal for your boss to review and approve. It is anticipated that the assignment will be between 4-6 pages long, and writing quality (APA) will be enforced, do include a list of references and sources, if necessary.

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