Computer science discussion & assignment

Sep 15, 2023

Discussion Details:

The Conceptual Framework of the College of Education (COE) describes the candidate as The Educator as Decision-Maker. This concept embodies the College’s constructivist approach to teaching and learning. Students’ prior knowledge, skills, and attitudes, including dispositions, interconnect with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and expectations they encounter as ASU. As a result of this fusion, students develop and acquire new knowledge, skills, and attitudes that manifest themselves in the students’ informed decision-making capabilities.

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Computer science discussion & assignment
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· Provide a reflective statement (written or video) discussing how your thought processes, academic development, and professional disposition as a change agent, lifelong learner, and reflective practitioner have been impacted by the learning content provided during this course.

· Discuss at least 3 specific content-related topics between modules 1 – 5 and address how each of those topics provided learning gains that clarified previous misconceptions, changed perspectives with new moments of discovery, and enhanced opportunities for life application to your personal or professional skill set. If necessary, pose questions to the instructor regarding concepts that may still be unclear from modules 1 – 6.

Three Topics

-How assistive technology adaptations can be used to promote independence in daily living

-Examine the features of an effective AT assessment to ensure that the individual and device combine to provide and effective person-technology match

-Examine the components of an augmentative and alternative communication system and how they combine to provide individuals with severe speech problems opportunities to communicate on a daily basis across environments 


*need discussion by tomorrow morning if possible. assignment due on sunday*

Assignment Details 

ChatGTP Assignment

Using ChapGPT, create an assignment related to any topic you learned about this semester. 


Assignment Objective

Assignment Overviews

Assignment Guidelines:

Grading Rubric

If you aren’t familiar with ChapGPT, use this link:

Topic: Assistive Technology 

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