Consumer health/ public health advertisement

Sep 13, 2023


Pick any Consumer Health or Public Health Advertisement that is a Video similar to a Public Service announcement. Try YouTube. Write at least half of a page answering in detail the following questions.  For example don’t just say it is Direct Advertisement tell me why you think it is direct advertisement. 

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Consumer health/ public health advertisement
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Every student in class should upload a document with the following answers completed in paragraph format. At least 1/2 page. DUE DATE: September 4, 2023 @4 PM

  1. Is this a Direct or Indirect Marketing Ad?
  2. Whom is the advertisement targeting and how do you know?
  3. Is the advertisement based on research? How do you know? 
  4. Review Table 3.1 from this list of which type of Advertisement Technique is used. 
  5. Review Table 3.2 from the list of what type of Advertisement Influence is shown in the ad. What evidence supports this claim?

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