Critical thinking assignments | Physiology homework help

Jul 19, 2023

Answer all questions keeping critical thinking in mind. Do not copy from the text, cite if you use any part of the original book. 

Do not talk about any topics related to political, religious, or any controversial topics).

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Critical thinking assignments | Physiology homework help
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This assignment is designed to assess your critical thinking.

Choose any place to go to volunteer, bring your certificate or proof of that

Your answer needs to be clear, relevant, coherence, logical, deep, consistent, and using subject that used in class.


Students must do this activity individually. 

The grades will divide into 5 points for the presentation and 5 points for the report.

For the presentation:

1. introduction for the place. (Why did you choose it)  

2. Pros – Cons 

3. As critical thinkers, what are the criticisms of the place?

4. any additional idea or thoughts.

For the report:

Students should produce at least a one-page report, a minimum of 400 words, reflecting on the part you talk about it in the presentation. The report has to be in Times New Roman Font, Size 12. Section titles Size 14. ( 5 points).

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