December 2019 Commenced With The First Cases Of COVID-19 In Wuhan: Tourism During The Coronavirus Pandemic Dissertation, UniS, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject Tourism During The Coronavirus Pandemic


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December 2019 Commenced With The First Cases Of COVID-19 In Wuhan: Tourism During The Coronavirus Pandemic Dissertation, UniS, UK
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December 2019 commenced with the first cases of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China. The virus quickly spread throughout the area, and Wuhan was placed in lockdown. Unfortunately, global air traffic transmitted the virus worldwide, and by March, Covid-19 had been confirmed in 146 countries.

The number of confirmed infections increased rapidly due to the community transition. Due to the lack of vaccines, most countries have taken non-pharmaceutical measures to help spread the virus, including locking schools, universities, kindergartens, and workplaces. Events have also been canceled, and social distance has become mandatory. Due to the virus, many countries have closed their borders. International, regional and domestic tourism had an immediate impact on the UK economy by introducing travel restrictions and quarantines.

British citizens were asked to return home. According to Stephen Gösling, Daniel Scott, and c. Michael Hall Hall (2020) Epidemics, Tourism and Global Change: A Quick Assessment COVID-19, Journal of Sustainable Tourism: “International travel has become more difficult as borders close, airlines suspend flights” Airports, travel bans and others “(FCO (The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Fees, 2020) highlights that” the global tourism system has shifted from tourism to non-tourism (e.g.Dodds&Butler, 2019; Serafin et al., 2018). “Described as a situation never seen before.

The UK tourism sector has been hit hard by COVID-19. The population is worried about what it will be like to travel after this global crisis. How is the government preparing to revive the UK tourism sector? Can National / Local Tourism Be a Startup? The review also highlights the positive aspects of global epidemics. It is divided into four main categories: COVID – 19 with widespread impacts, global epidemic impacts, positive and domestic tourism as a solution to resume tourism in the country.

Literature review

The first COVID-19 was reported by China’s WHO (World Health Organization) Office on December 31, 2019 (Pongsiri et al., 2009; Labonte et al., 2011) Population growth, urbanization trends, and related to the spread of various hazards and epidemics in the 21st century. Food industrialization and the development of the global transport network are reported as the main reasons. (Quoted in Stephen Gosling, Daniel Scott, and C. Michael, 2020).

Global Air Transport has shipped the virus worldwide from Wuhan County, and by March, Kovid-19 was confirmed in 146 countries. In 2020, The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control confirmed 2 million infections. (Quoted in Stephen Gosling, Daniel Scott, and C. Michael, 2020). Due to vaccine shortages and medical preparedness, most countries have responded to the epidemic with non-formal interventions, including lockdown, necessary quarantine, self-isolation, social alienation, the shutdown of educational institutions and workplaces.

Programs have been canceled, including political debates, elections, weddings/rallies, sporting events, concerts, and festivals. Border closures, travel restrictions, global lockdown, quarantine, and airport closures have hit the tourism industry. Stephen Gosling, Daniel Scott, and c. Michel, 2020) reported that international and domestic tourism has declined at a reckless pace. The airline industry has slowed considerably, with more than 50% of international flights being discontinued. (see Figure 1 cited in Stefan Gössling, Daniel Scott & C. Michael,2020).

This situation can be described as never seen before. “Within a fleeting period, the framing of the global tourism system moved from over-tourism to non – tourism” (e.g., Dodds& Butler, 2019; Seraphin et al., 2018), cited in (Stefan Gössling, Daniel Scott & C. Michael,2020). None of the other significant epidemics or pandemics in the last 40 years had similar implications for the global economy as COVID –19. (see Figure 2. (cited in Stefan Gössling, Daniel Scott & C. Michael,2020).

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