Deliverable 6 – chronic diseases and population health management

Sep 11, 2023


The key to an effective and sustainable population health management program is to understand your chronic disease patients and coach them towards a healthy lifestyle. The success of population health and chronic disease management efforts hinges on a few key elements:

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Deliverable 6 – chronic diseases and population health management
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  • Identifying those at risk and the health disparities that may exist within the population
  • Accessing the right data about patients
  • Creating actionable insights about patients
  • Coaching patients daily toward healthier choices


As your health system is drafting a strategic framework for the PHM program, you are tasked with creating a PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes in each content discussion slide. Explain the relationship between disease management and population health needed in the following areas:

  • Describe the prevalent chronic diseases for the population your health system is serving.
  • Describe the risks associated with the proliferation of these chronic diseases.
  • Assess how the population will access information and resources to prevent and manage chronic diseases.
  • Construct a chronic disease communication plan that helps patients with chronic diseases to pursue healthier choices and to use population health resources.

Within the plan, share how you will ensure that all communication incorporates intercultural empathy, community engagement, and understanding of the population. 

Use your findings from prior summative assessments in modules 01, 02, 03, 04, and 05 to create the PowerPoint. Use five quality references to support your assessment and findings.

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