Design a vulnerability assessment procedure

Aug 6, 2023


For  this assignment, you must write a paper that indicates the importance  and impact of performing vulnerability assessments that includes the  design for a vulnerability assessment procedure that includes an  evaluation of industry tools that can assist in the process, electronic  evidence collection, data analysis, and reporting.

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Design a vulnerability assessment procedure
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Your paper should address the following:

  • Introduction that states the purpose of the paper as part of the risk management plan.
  • Overview of the relevance of auditing and evaluating the current  state of the network and systems. Include references on the impact of  attacks that justifies the importance of following a proactive approach  to risk management by performing vulnerability assessments.
  • Process for collecting electronic evidence. Illustrate a recommended procedure to gather and review evidence.
  • Explain the importance and relevance of capturing network traffic to  identify weak spots or network gaps to delineate a course of action to  mitigate risks. These tasks are supported by tools. Discuss different  types of SIEM, network analysis tools, and vulnerability assessment  products.
  • Best SIEM products used in terms of:
    1. Operating systems coverage
    2. Wide coverage of network devices (such as Cisco)
    3. Ability to provide a desktop and web management console
    4. Provision of an advanced intelligence engine of forensic module
    5. Ease of use for log management
    6. Easier reporting capabilities
  • Procedure and flowchart to perform a vulnerability assessment.
  • Conclusion

Length: 7 page academic paper

References: Minimum of 6 scholarly resources, not more than 5 years old (very important)

The completed assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration  of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new  thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response  should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Include a plagiarism report.

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