Develop in c++ | Computer Science homework help

Aug 9, 2023

Hello im looking for someone that can develop this game on c++ thank you

Steal the Cheese

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Develop in c++ | Computer Science homework help
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You are to write a basic console game with the following game premises:

Cheese Blocks (CBs) have proliferated during the past year. Unknown activists up to no gouda have placed large CBs throughout the town. Unfortunately, they chose huge blocks of limburger cheese. The cheese blocks don’t move however when you get close the cheese it “attacks” you with it’s smell: The Smell of Doom (SoD).

Additionally the stinky cheese is attracting Overly Large Rats (OLR) to eat the cheese and the rats are rather vicious at protecting the cheese since it has become their primary food source! These OLR attack with Bites of Owieness (BoO). (details below)

 The number of rats and the horrid smell is seriously upsetting people. It’s up to you to eliminate both the CBs and OLRs!!!

The Town

The town is a minimum of a 15×15 playable grid. The grid at it’s most basic has no obstacles just like a flat playing field. However adding in houses or obstacles is a good extra credit thing.You need to find characters from the ASCII character set to represent the CBs, the OLR and You to place on the grid


The Cheese Blocks

Appear around the town at random places and random times. They don’t move; however they are really smelly. If you get within two squares of a CB you have a 65% chance of being stunned (losing your turn) if you have not used a Noseplugs of Lavender (NoL). If you have used an NoL then there is a 30% chance of being stunned (the cheese is really smelly! Seriously…)


The Overly Large Rats – The OLR are of two varieties

Smart rats

These rats see you and actively move to attack you anywhere in the town.

The BoO is a close range attack, in other words the rat must be next to you to bite you. These smart OLRs have a 85% chance of biting you if you have not deployed your Trashcan Lid Shields (TLS) and only a 15% chance of biting you if you are using the TLS.

Not so smart rats

These rats will attack you if you get within 3 squares of them. However these rats attack so weirdly that they have a constant 30% chance of biting you regardless of if you have used your shield. These rats also like to hang out right next to the cheese.

Gaming Note: you may find the smart rats acting like dumb rats to lure you into range and bite you.


You, the wiley cheese remover and rat killer

You have 5 hit points, against rat bites, once they are all gone you are rat kibble.

You do have both defense and offensive abilities for taking care of the cheese and the rats.

Vs the Cheese

Defense: One turn use Noseplugs of Lavender (NoL) – you only get five of these to start the game. As an option you can plant them around the board to find, but you can only carry 5 at a time.

Attack: Huge ZipLocks (HZ) – these seal the cheese up in smell proof baggies. Any rat nearby will walk away to the next nearest cheese. However when you seal the last one up the rats will leave the town to find smellier places to live. Just like the NoL, you can only have 5 of these at a time. You have only a 70% of wrapping the cheese successfully. The baggies are cheap and will often tear when used.

Vs the Rats

Trashcan Lid Shields (TLS) – these are plastic lids from trashcans from around the town. Of course the town people are cheap so these lids can only take three bites and then they fall apart. You can carry only one of these.

Exploding Kitties (EK) for use against the rats. These are specially bred cats you can lob at a rat. If they hit a rat they will shred the rat to pieces. You have a 50% of hitting the smart rat and a 80% chance of hitting a not so smart rat. You can throw the kitties up to three spaces away. You can carry no more than six kitties at one time.


Movement and turns

This is a turn-based game. The order of events is:

You move up to three squares – if you move within two squares of the cheese it “automatically” attacks.

The Rats move up to two squares as per the type of rat they are

You deploy either a defense OR an attack

The rats attack if they are in range

Back to step 1

You and the PYS can move in any of the surrounding directions and squares Up, down, left, right, diagonally too.

You and the cheese/rats may not occupy the same square.

That’s the game basics.


Extra credit

Any additional attacks

Any additional defenses

Any additional game mechanics that make it more fun to play

The use of direct keyboard input vs a menu


Anything else cool

Extra credit must be DOCUMENTED at the top of your code in a comment box.

Please note this is your program, using code you find online without attribution is plagiarism and is not tolerated. This program will use most of what we learned throughout the semester. You must have properly formatted code, proper functions and data types.

This is your proof you learned the material! Have fun!!

Important: This project is due by 8:00 AM April 30th. Late submissions as always are not accepted. The code must be loaded to Blackboard here, there is no Mimir drop for this. Please ensure you compress and zip the WHOLE CLION PROJECT FOLDER!!!! Any other ide’s project is not acceptable. Do not use special libraries that are not included in the default CLION build. This project allows multiple submissions so if you are worried about not getting something in, you have ample opportunities to submit it. Any grade is better than an automatic 0.

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