Diagramming question | Computer Science homework help

Jul 19, 2023

Question 1


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Diagramming question | Computer Science homework help
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** Note: there are two parts in this quiz **

1. The figure below shows domain classes for Ajax, a role-playing videogame played in a single region that consists of your character and one additional character that you don’t control. Identify two additional classes needed for a more detailed class model.  Their names should be descriptive enough to indicate their overall responsibilities.    



2. Write pseudocode for the function of NonPlayerCharacter that responds to any action of yours. You do not have to describe the called functions or the classes that they belong to as long as the function names are reasonably explanatory. The application displays advertising while the customer awaits the response of the non-player character. (i.e., you can assume that while the function is waiting for getResponse() to complete, the next step begins immediately.)  My solution has only four lines, and involves three function call.

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