Directions: you will be writing a narrative essay that incorporates

Aug 7, 2023



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Directions: you will be writing a narrative essay that incorporates
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You will be writing a narrative essay that incorporates what you have learned about both narration and description. The topic is given below. Be aware that this assignment requires that you incorporate dialog into your text; therefore, make sure you read the guidelines for incorporating dialog into your text in the document following this one in this folder, Writer’s Workshop 1. Doing so incorrectly will seriously hurt the portion of your grade connected to grammar in the grading rubric. Your assignment should be at least 500 words in length. 

Format your essay according to MLA guidelines. See the MLA Template in the Getting Started folder for the course and in this folder as well. 

Essay Assignment: 

Tell a story of significance to your family. It could be a story you witnessed or one that was told to you. Do not state the story’s significance. It must emerge from the details or actions narrated. 

Tell the story as it comes to you, but tell it IN SCENE, moment to moment. It could be a memory or a story about when you were a child or a story told about a relative or sibling or a parent. 

Remember to include: 

1. setting/ location, 

2. time of day, 

3. year, 

4. season, 

5. gestures (people sit, stand, move), 

6. dialogue (one line per speaker, tags ‘he/she said’), 

7. consistent tense—use past or present but be consistent 

I wrote something so you could have an idea what I want to narrate:

Everybody in Cuba wants to leave the country. People experiment different ways to get out of there: asking for Visa directly in a US embassy, going through third countries and trying to get into the US by frontier, familiar reunion, marrying an American citizen among other. 

For young people the most unlike is asking a Visa directly at the American Embassy in Cuba because most of the time is a no for an answer. We could say statically that is 98% secure that a visa is denied to a young person between 18-35 years old.

In my case I took the risk, I have nothing to lose. My cousin which is consider other relative send me an invitation letter to go to the United States.

Fist I receive the notification

Second, I prepared my documentation and the dialog for the interview, you need to sound secure and real.

Third I went to the interview

Result I was approved for a visit type visa for the United States

This happens in Cuba, Havana. Year 2013 January

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