Discovering Web Application Attack ToolsDiscovering Web Application Attack Tools

Feb 15, 2024

Chapter 10: Case Project 10-2: two page report double space


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Discovering Web Application Attack ToolsDiscovering Web Application Attack Tools
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Case Project 10-2: Discovering Web Application Attack Tools

After discovering that Alexander Rocco Corporation has multiple Web servers running on different platforms, you wonder whether your security tools can asses Web applications vulnerabilities throughly. You have only two tools for conducting Web security tests: Wapiti and Wfetch. Based on the information write a two page report on other tools for security testers conducting Web applications vulnerability testing. Use the skills you have gained to search the Internet and explore the Kali DVD to find tools for Windows and *nix platforms. The report should state the tool’s name, describe the installation method, and include a brief description of what the tool does.


Chapter 11: Case Project 11-1- one-page report

Case Project: Determining Vulnerabilities of Wireless Networks

After conducting a security test on the Alexander Rocco network, you discover that the company has a wireless router configured to issue IP addresses to connecting stations. Vistumbler indicates that channel 6 is active, the SSID is linksys, and WEP is enabled. Based on this information, write a one-page report listing possible vulnerabilities of the WLAN’s current configuration. Your report should include recommendations for improving wireless security.


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