Discuss the Principles Underpinning Digital Forensic Practice & Their Importance: Digital Forensic Coursework, LMU, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject Digital Forensics

The learning outcomes that are assessed by this coursework are:

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Discuss the Principles Underpinning Digital Forensic Practice & Their Importance: Digital Forensic Coursework, LMU, UK
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  1. Discuss the principles underpinning digital forensic practice & their importance;
  2. Explain the main stages & the associated procedures of a digital forensic investigation;
  3. Apply the principles & practices of digital forensics to given scenarios;
  4. Analyse forensic images of different formats using a suitable selection of tools;
  5. Prepare a suitable report to present your findings and professional opinion of a given scenario
  6. Critically evaluate & reflect upon your own learning in relation to digital forensics & your future learning needs to be successful in the field of digital forensics

Task One: Write 500 words maximum about the principles underpinning digital forensic practice and their importance. LO1

Task Two: Write 500 words maximum to explain the main stages and associated procedures of a digital forensics investigation that were discussed in the taught week. LO2

Task Three: Analyse given forensic images using suitable tools, applying the appropriate practices and principles to ensure the integrity of the forensic images and the investigation. You need to DO this, it will be assessed in Task 4. LO3&4

Task Four: Write a technical report based on your analysis that would allow an independent 3rd party to follow the steps you took during Task 3 to come out with the same facts as you. LO5

Task Five: Create a presentation that outlines your key findings that you will use to present online (via MS Teams) to the module team after the submission date. You will be asked questions about how you completed the analysis and your findings. LO5

Task Six:  personal learning reflection to explain what you have learnt during this assignment, what you would do differently if you had to do the assignment again, and areas that you would like to develop further in the future and maybe specialise in. LO6

You will have access to all the tools necessary to complete this assignment on the CTI lab machine that will be allocated to you for the duration of the coursework. If you are not sure how to do something, please check back to the taught week learning materials. If you are still unable to complete a task, please contact the module leader.

Confidential Documents

Instructions to: Digital Forensics

Distribution Date: Friday 21st May 2021;

Case Number:58064581

Particulars of the case:

Fresh evidence for a cold case has been received today from a local printing service. The printing service received a USB from a customer that contained a text file the customer wanted to add to the memorial booklet for the victim of case number 58062126 that dates back to December 2019.

The original case had three suspects but there was a lack of evidence to charge any of them, although there was some circumstantial evidence on one of the suspects. It seems that another party was involved but the lab pulled no fingerprints from the weapon left in the victim and there was no CCTV close enough to the scene. The background check turned up nothing definitive, although the deceased was best friends with one of the suspects. Matthew Briggs, and had a romantic interest in another suspect Andie Green.

The body of the victim of case 58062126 was released this week so the deceased could be laid to rest. The body had only just been released due to the issues the Covid-19 pandemic has caused, the autopsy had been completed and concluded but it did not shed any further

light on the case.

The details of the initial case are:

Victim details:

Steven James Neilson, 25, know as Stevie, died from a stab wound to the chest, the knife was in the victim when officers and

paramedics attended the scene;

Suspect details:

Matthew Briggs, 25, male, best friend of the victim;

Adam Westland, 24, male, an acquaintance of victim; Andie Green, 24, female, no direct connection to the victim, was present at the

crime scene and called the Police;

You are required to analyse this new evidence and go back over the original case files to help us finally catch the killer if we can.

Please provide a timeline of events of the incident to assist the Police with the case;

All digital devices that have been seized as part of the case have been handed over to the forensics lab technician to forensically image, the forensic images will be provided to you so you can analyse them and write up your report.

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