Discussion 4 – Effective Publicity CampaignsDiscussion 4 – Effective Publicity Campaigns

Feb 15, 2024

Discussion 4

Discussion: Effective Publicity Campaigns

Billboards, public transport placards, television ads, media programs, websites, and social media are all resources used to deliver messages. Some messages are burned into our minds, and some are not. As an issue gains momentum, the prevalence of such messages increases. In this week’s Discussion, you evaluate publicity campaigns to inform decisions you might consider when developing a publicity campaign for your social issue.

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Discussion 4 – Effective Publicity CampaignsDiscussion 4 – Effective Publicity Campaigns
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To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review Chapter 8 in the Loeb text for insights into community mobilization and related influences on decisions for publicity campaigns.
  • Select a current or relatively recent example of a publicity campaign associated with a social issue in which you are interested or involved.
  • Evaluate the publicity campaign. What mediums, messages, and techniques did the campaign employ, and how did these make it effective?
  • Read the Discussion Spark topic, question, or comment posted by your Instructor in the Discussion thread.


Post a response to the Discussion Spark post. Your response should contain at least two significant paragraphs. Read the Discussion Rubric, as it will inform your writing. Important Note: The Discussion Spark and the weekly Discussion topic below will be graded together. You will see one score in your My Grades area.  Discussion Spark: Please post your response as a reply to this post.  

You should have at least two significant paragraphs addressing the Discussion Spark and citing either course or outside resources.

What types of publicity campaigns have you seen? Did any publicity campaign have an great impact on you? Why or why not? 


Post your evaluation of the effectiveness of the publicity campaign you selected. Conclude your posting with insights you have gained about publicity campaigns and effective dissemination of information that could inform the publicity campaign proposal you are developing this week.

Support your assertions by making at least two references, in proper APA format, to your course readings.

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