Discussion 8 society class | Social Science homework help

Aug 7, 2023

 GPCC, chapter 3, “The rise and fall of the merchant, industrialist, and financier”  pages 57 – 98 

Describe the “trader’s world in 1400,” including its geographic, political, and social barriers to trade, and the extent to which trade was a feature of the world.

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Discussion 8 society class | Social Science homework help
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Describe the economic rise of Europe and its impact on the Americas and Africa.

Regarding the English financial revolution: describe the creation of debt money, including the role of war in establishing a bargain between financiers and governments, why this bargain began to create a quest for perpetual economic growth, and how trust in debt money was established.

Describe the consequences of the industrial revolution for the global economy.

Describe the age of imperialism, including its relevance to the documentary “King Leopold’s Ghost.”

250 word minimum; no maximum word count. Display the word count at the end of your post.

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