Discussion post- women’s health case

Jul 1, 2023

O.P. is a 43-year-old female patient who is seeing at the office because she is complaining of vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse for about two months now.

She stated she has been married for 4 years now but has multiple sexual partners in the past. As positive history in her last cervical cancer screen (two years ago) she was positive for HPV type 16.  

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Discussion post- women’s health case
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  • Discuss the appropriate diagnostic testing for the patient.
  • Develop the management plan (pharmacological and nonpharmacological).
  • Why is HPV the most important of the cervical cancer screening in patients that have tested HPV positive.
  •  According to the United States Preventive Service Taskforce (USPSTF) guidelines, what would be the cervical cancer screening recommendation for average risk women in the age range for O.P. and until what age women should be screened. 

Then, continue to discuss the 3 topics listed below for your case:

  1. An effective health assessment incorporates not only physiological parameters; please suggest other parameters that should be considered and included on health assessments to reach maximal health potential on individuals.
  2. Name the different family developmental stages and give examples of each one.
  3. Describe family structure and function and the relationship with health care.

Post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources. 

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