Distant learning | Computer Science homework help

Aug 10, 2023


As a distance learner in this program, you have contributed to a variety of asynchronous discussions—utilizing the theory, knowledge, and resources presented. You have received feedback from both your Instructor and your peers on your posts and have engaged in insightful and collaborative discussion.

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Distant learning | Computer Science homework help
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With these experiences in mind, consider the following:

· In a distance learning environment, how valuable and important to the learning experience is discussion?

· What is the role of facilitator in an online discussion?

· What are some effective ways a facilitator can ensure that students engage in meaningful conversation and debate?

· What responsibilities does the student have to continue conversation and contribute to the learning process?

Based on your personal experience and the information presented in this week’s resources, proceed to this week’s Discussion prompt.

Post your thoughts on the importance and effectiveness of discussion in a distance learning environment. Also, describe the roles and responsibilities of both the instructor and the student when facilitating discussion in a distance learning environment. Lastly, describe some ways in which a facilitator can make an online discussion meaningful and engaging. Citing your Learning Resources, and pulling from your own personal experience, provide evidence to support your response.

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