e-Tech Solutions Ltd is a company that provides software solutions for a wide range of organizations: BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT Assignment, OC, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT

Qualification suite covered BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT

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e-Tech Solutions Ltd is a company that provides software solutions for a wide range of organizations: BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT Assignment, OC, UK
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Units covered Unit 5: Data Modelling

Unit 9: IT Project Management

Learning aims covered Unit-5

Investigate data modeling and how it can be used in the decision-making process.

B) Design a data model to meet client requirements.

C) Develop a data model to meet client requirements.


A) Investigate the principles and methodologies of IT project management used in the industry.

B) Carry out a project initiation for an IT project.

C) Carry out the planning, execution, monitoring, and controlling of an IT project using an appropriate methodology.

D) Undertake the closure of a project by reflecting on the success of the personal performance and the project outcome.


e-Tech Solutions Ltd is a company that provides software solutions for a wide range of organizations (e.g. commercial, industrial, non-commercial, etc.). The head office is based in Birmingham and has branches in Coventry and Walsall.

For Unit-5, you are the junior Application Software Developer and one of the main activity requires spreadsheets development that will accurately model the finances of an organisation.  As for Unit-9, your role is a Project Manager and will require using the project management skills for the current project that will accurately model the finances of an

organization.  The project involves using project management tools and techniques and to carry out systems analysis and design (your role as a Systems Analyst).  You will need to produce relevant documents to show a good use of tools and techniques used for managing the project and structured analysis and design for the new software system.

This solution must meet the user’s business needs.  You must then compile all your documentation as evidence for criteria of both units (i.e. U5 and U9).  There will be regular meetings with your manager Fahad Hakim to monitor and record your progress on the project.

Your project: 

You will be using the business case study agreed with your manager (you tutor) for all tasks.  The project will require to design and develop spreadsheets for a contractor for home services.  You will need to create a spreadsheet that will support day-to-day activities of the business.  Research on the internet or meet with the business chosen to find out more about the activities and goods they provide.  You must gather data or information relevant to the organisation that will be used in the spreadsheets.

There are a number of tasks that need to be completed as detailed in the following sections.

Task 3- Project Initiation and Plan

This task requires you to produce feasibility study and report of a project followed by a specifications report. You will also use various project management tools to produce a project plan.

a) Project Feasibility Study, Specification and solutions

For this part you need to carry out project initiation for the IT project that requires feasibility report and project specification.

i) Feasibility study and report (U9-P4)
After identifying the requirements of client, you need to carry out feasibility study and produce a report. This is required to identify the resources and skills required to produce the IT system. The report must include the following criteria for assessing the feasibility for the project:

  • Technical assessment, including assessing and evaluating the technical resources available.
  • Economic assessment, including assessing the cost, benefits and viability of the project.
  • Legal assessment, including assessing the current and relevant legal requirements (e.g. the Data Protection Act 1998, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 or other relevant international equivalents).
  • Operational assessment, including the assessment of how well the proposed solution meets the requirements and solves the problems of the project.
  • Scheduling assessment, including the assessment of the likelihood of the project being a success, estimating the time required to complete the project.
  • Sustainability assessment depending on the product or service proposed (e.g. environmental impact, waste material, power usage, choice of material, recycling and reuse).
  • Security assessment (e.g. analysis of secure servers, software source control, ‘penetration’ testing, etc.).
  • Usability assessment (e.g. the appropriate design of user interfaces ensuring smooth and consistent integration with any required systems).

ii) Project Requirements Specification (U9-P3 and P5Part) Investigate what has been required of the new spreadsheet software system (i.e. MS-Excel – use the instructions and details in Unit 5’s assignment brief) and produce a project specification. The specification must include the following relevant information about your project in the following sections:

  • The project specification must have a proper cover sheet with appropriate information such as title, author, and date.
  • Introduction – What this report will contain
  • Project overview
  • Specific objectives or deliverables – list all the worksheets required and explain what will be calculated and processed (i.e. input, process, and output). The information can be obtained from the later tasks with the details of the worksheets.
  • Resource planning

o Staff – the list of the project team members and their roles.
o Equipment – computer hardware, software, and other equipment
o Funding – the budget available

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