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Sep 14, 2023


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Ec | Management homework help
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Getting Information Exercise

Review the UTISC Prospect Profiles Case document (pp. 1-6) and associated product weblinks (embedded in the case doc). These documents can be found in this week’s Bb folder.

Review the product information websites and videos (see links on pg. 6)

Assume you are meeting with Production Engineer, Arden Liska (see pg. 6)

For each of the following question types, list 3 questions that you will ask to demonstrate the SPIN model of information gathering (questioning):

1. Situation Questions (asks/confirms
background and
facts of the current situation)

2. Problem Question (asks about
problems, difficulties, or opportunities of the current situation)

3. Implication Questions (asks about the
consequences or
effects of the problems identified in #2)

4. Need Payoff Questions (asks for commitment to action or agreement on the
value of
usefulness of a potential solution)

5. How will you use the information you gathered from 1-4 above to provide a compelling reason for the customer to recommend your solution?

6. Discuss how do your answers to 1-5 above relate to the lecture or course material covered this week?

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Is SPIN Selling Still Relevant?

Is SPIN Selling Still Relevant?

The SPIN model you just learned was invented 3 decades ago … so is it still relevent?


this video
 by the author of SPIN selling, Neil Rackham, to learn the answer.


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