Ethics paper edit | Biology homework help

Sep 14, 2023


Addresses Course Outcomes

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Ethics paper edit | Biology homework help
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  • recognize the ethical issues inherent in medicine, scientific research, and governmental policy-making and use critical thinking and sound reasoning to communicate these issues to stakeholders and interested parties
  • demonstrate an understanding of ethical standards and comply with regulations, policies and guidelines in scientific practices and professional conduct
  • critically evaluate scientific literature and various multi-media to validate findings in the context of currently accepted ethical standards of integrity, honesty, and fairness 

A persuasive paper is a type of paper in which the writer must convince the reader that his/her opinion is correct with regard to an issue.  When writing the paper, it is the writer’s responsibility to support their argument by doing research and using facts. 

Paper Topic: The Benefits of Organ Transplantation

  • Your belief is that everyone should be an organ donor
  • Write a 3-4 page paper to persuade a group of people who are undecided or against organ donations. 

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