Evaluating top candidates | Education homework help

Jul 19, 2023

Business: Klassik Styles Hair Salon


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Evaluating top candidates | Education homework help
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Before  you interview people you feel fit the job qualification, you must  determine the criteria should you use while conducting a post-interview  evaluation.  After you have interviewed all the candidate you feel might  fit the job, there will be a tough choice between two or more equally  talented people. Therefore, you will want to hold a second interview for  the top two or three.

To help with this, answer the following questions:

How  do you decide which criteria are needed that you should use to evaluate  post-interview? Name a minimum for four. Explain why each is important  to the position you are hiring for.

What  major skill sets do you need the top candidate to have? Why? Explain  how you will figure out if they possess these skills?  What skills could  you do without, or train them to do? Why?

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