Evaluation argument paper. | English homework help

Aug 10, 2023

Must follow every single instrucstion which are in the attachment. Also use the rupric as well. both should give you clear idea about the assighment. Must use good sources. Must watch the video as well. Want A+++ 

4-5 pages Due after 22 hours or before is better.

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Evaluation argument paper. | English homework help
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You might choose films, restaurants, appliances, music albums, policies or procedures from a job, campus policies or organizations, laws, breeds of dogs, products, philosophies, types of instruments, companies, just about anything, as long as you think there’s plenty to say about it, you can have access to it,and as long as you understand the language and terminology associated with it.I want you to be somewhat expert on the subject. You might choose something simple, or maybe something with controversy attached to it; it’s up to you.


*For example, if I am evaluating Chipotle as a restaurant with a target audience of families with kids, and one of my criterion is “atmosphere,” I would write in detail about the noise, the seating, safety, and other things

, showing my readers specific examples, details, etc.

Also one sentence answer


What is your (qualitative) working thesis statement for the topic you want to evaluate?




Who is your target audience for this evaluation, and in what ways might this audience potentially disagree with your stance? Who else would disagree with your stance (or provide counterarguments for it)? Why and how? Be specific.








What 3-4 pieces of criteria will you use to evaluate this topic? Why is each appropriate for your target audience? Explain in a sentence or two for each





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