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Sep 14, 2023


Excellent discussion post, you mentioned that Bandura’s theory met criteria such as: it explains a wide range of human behaviors across domain, presents ideas simply, allows empirical testing of concepts like self-efficacy, maintains internal consistency in explaining interactions and finds practical application in educational psychology and health, aligning with the qualities of a good theory. Ozer (2022), in memoriam of Albert Bandura explained that he was one of the most frequently cited psychologist of all time. That Bandura’s social cognitive theory of human functioning, emphasize an agentic perspective toward self-development, adaptation and change has had a profound effect across psychology, which has revolutionized theories of behavior change and shaping education, public health, parenting, clinical health practice and public policy. There is sufficient evidence that Bandura’s theory was accepted but are there laws or models that were created as a result of his theory?

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Feedback mars | Psychology homework help
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