Final assessment | Criminal homework help

Aug 6, 2023

This assignment must be written in APA format, 2 pages; make sure you have given a complete answer to the questions. 
After reading or viewing, please write a 2 pages addressing the questions below:
Discuss the variety of victim responses to crime:
What did they say, do, and feel?
Were there any reactions that were consistent across more than one story?
What, if anything, about the reactions, surprised you?
How did those around the victims (such as family, friends, co-workers, criminal justice system personnel) respond to the victim?
What did other people do that the victims in the videos/readings found helpful?
What did other people do that the victims did not find helpful?
What do you think of their responses?
What kind of assistance or resources were the victims provided with?
Were there any resources consistently provided?
How have these resources helped or not helped?
What other assistance or resources might the victims need? 

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Final assessment | Criminal homework help
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