Foundations of applied research methods discussion 1

Aug 10, 2023


Discussion Thread: Academic Versus Applied Research

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Foundations of applied research methods discussion 1
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Research can take many forms. The two primary types of research conducted in the School of Business doctoral programs at Liberty University are Academic Research or Applied Research. After reviewing the Reading and Study material for this module, conducting your own outside research, and considering the two different types of research, please respond to the following questions:

1. What are the common differences between Academic Research and Applied Research?

2. When is it most appropriate to use Academic Research (also known as Scholarly Research)?

3. When is it most appropriate to use Applied Research (also known as Professional Research)?

4. What style of research interests you and why?

Your response to the discussion prompt questions should be a minimum of 500 words. You must
use a minimum of three scholarly resources to support your information and 1 biblical
integration. Please save these resources as they will be used in a future assignment.
Reply to at least 2 of your classmates’ threads, in at least 250 words each, building upon the
original thread or offering a contrasting viewpoint. The replies must be substantive, using at least
two scholarly resources, 1 biblical integration, and must further the discussion.


Keller, T., & Alsdorf, K. L. (2012). Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work. New York, NY: Riverhead Books. ISBN: 9781594632822

Robson, C. & McCartan, K. (2016). Real World Research (4th ed.). West Sussex, United Kingdom: Blackwell Publishers. ISBN: 9781118745236

Discussion Thread: List Title of Thread

Key Concepts 

Define each key concept in the prompt using applicable subheadings for each new concept. Support all information with scholarly sources. Provide a clear and thorough overview of the fundamental elements relevant to each key concept. 


Provide a comparison of the information you discovered in your research with what was provided in the module. Highlight any differences or commonalities and provide evidence that you have extended your understanding of this topic. Incorporate outside scholarly sources to support your discussion. 

Biblical Integration

Include at least one appropriate biblical reference. Explain the applicability of your selection and how you can apply it to the topic being discussed. 


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