Gender slide | Social Science homework help

Sep 13, 2023

Assignment 2

For this assignment, you will prepare a presentation on images related to gender. You can use presentation software/programs such as 
Prezi, Kaltura, Powerpoint, Keynote, or Youtube for the assignment. Many of these programs offer free basic membership. Please contact the instructor if you would like to use another program for the assignment. Be creative in the assignment–you can include audio and/or video clips, images, links, etc. Your presentation should be creative and visually appealing as well as incorporate each of the following components:

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Gender slide | Social Science homework help
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1. Select at least 4 images in the media that are related to gender roles.  You should select 
two images that seem to depict traditional gender roles and 
two images that seem to depict nontraditional gender roles. This can include advertisements, music videos, news reports, clips from a television show, etc.  Please include an embedded image, link, etc. for each of the four selected as well as a brief description of the images. Include the source, date of publication, and other identifying details in the References section.  Incorporate an introduction and conclusion in the presentation as well.

2. Next, evaluate the way that gender is depicted in the selected images. Describe why you selected each image and how it depicts either traditional or nontraditional gender roles in society.  Compare and contrast the selected images, addressing similarities and differences in terms of their depiction of gender.

3. Analyze the images using related theories, course materials, sociological research, and/or additional scholarly sources. For example, what do the images tell us about sexism in society, the social construction of gender, masculinities, femininity, second sexism, gender roles, inequality, etc.?  Use at least 4 references.

A link can be submitted instead of an uploaded assignment if applicable based on the program used. Submit in the “Assignments” section of the classroom. 

You can view a 
presentation on gender and the media for additional analysis of how gender is depicted in the media.

General requirements:

· Use APA format for citations and references

· View the grading rubric so you understand how you will be assessed on this Assignment. 

· Disclaimer- Originality of attachments will be verified by Turnitin. Both you and your instructor will receive the results.

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