Global economic issue | Education homework help

Aug 7, 2023


APA citation 6 – cover page – reference paper – please NO more than 5% plagiarism – must site course textbook a couple times – textbook ISBN 13: 978-0-13-342364-8 Krugman, Paul R.; Obstfeld, Maurice; Melitz, Marc. International Economics (Pearson Series in Economics) (p. vi). Pearson Education. Kindle Edition. – Instructions Develop a fifteen-page research paper that addresses one global economic issue discussed in this class. What is the issue? What are the economic, ethical, or moral issues associated with it? How does your study of the issue allow you to make connections with other global economic and/or historical issues? Lastly, what is the legacy of the issue you are writing about? Your term paper should cite the course text, one peer-reviewed article from an economic journal, and one peer-reviewed article from a philosophical journal. If applicable, one news article from a non-U.S. newspaper must also be cited in the paper. Your paper should be double spaced with one-inch margins, and include a cover page and a References page. In addition to answer the questions above, students are required to self-reflect about the findings of their study. In one to two pages, and citing the course text or other research material, students should discuss how the research and the findings impacted their views about Philosophy (ethics) and Economics.

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Global economic issue | Education homework help
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