Happy trails (florida) fte case problem

Sep 13, 2023

 This case problem requires you to create a school budget using a district allocation formula and table of employee costs.

You will use the enrollment from the Happy Trails (Florida) FTE Case problem. Using the enrollment, you will develop the school’s operating budget, providing the Function & Object for each of the items listed in the budget.

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Happy trails (florida) fte case problem
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Below is a link to a staff & non-salary Allocation Formula from a major school district. Using this document, you will identify the number and types of personnel that will be assigned to the school based on the school’s enrollment.  The non-salary allocations are located on the 4th page of the link below. You will need to copy/paste the link to open the Allocation formula.

https://www.palmbeachschools.org/UserFiles/Servers/Server_270532/File/Budget-Resources%20&%20Tools/Allocation%20Formula/4.061%20FY20%20Personnel%20Allocation%20Formulas.pdf (Links to an external site.)

In addition to the resources provided in the Allocation Formula, your school will also be assigned the following Special Program allocations.

ESE Allocation:

· 3 ESE teachers to provide Academic Support/Remediation

· 1 Speech/Language Therapist (teacher) to provide SL Therapy

· 5 ESE PK teachers for the PK programs

· 3 ESE 6-hr Paraprofessionals (Aides)

· $200 per ESE/SL teacher for classroom supplies

ELL Allocation:

· 3 ELL Teachers

· $150 per ELL teacher for classroom supplies

Custodial Allocation:

· 1 Custodian Foreperson

· 4 Custodians

· (Supplies based on non salary formula in standard allocation formula)

The employee costs are derived from the “Trade-Off Values” table provided from the link below: (You will need to copy/paste the link into your browser to open the link)

https://www.palmbeachschools.org/UserFiles/Servers/Server_270532/File/Budget-Resources%20&%20Tools/Trade%20Off%20Values/FY%202021%20Trade%20Off%20Values.pdf (Links to an external site.)

The assignment will be completed on a spreadsheet provided by the instructor. On the spreadsheet, the student will list each of the items in the budget, including the Function, Object, Description, Employee Count (if it is a personnel item), and Average Salary.  For non-Salary items (i.e. supplies), Employee Count and Average Salary columns will be blank and the total Non-Salary costs are posted in the column to the right of the yellow items (green).

The yellow columns/cells are formulas. Do  NOT  type in these cells. Once you enter information in the Employee Count and Average Salary columns, the benefit amounts will calculate automatically

Employee Benefit costs are calculated from the DARK blue cells that must be updated from the “Trade Off Values” table.  You enter the % as follows: 9% – .09.

Function & Object codes come from the Financial and Program Cost Accounting and Reporting for Florida Schools manual. This document is also known as the “Redbook”. Chapter 4 provides a description of the Object and Function classifications. The link below (copy & paste) to this document:

http://www.fldoe.org/finance/fl-edu-finance-program-fefp/financial-program-cost-accounting-repo.stml (Links to an external site.)

It is suggested that you list Descriptions using a main code word (i.e. Teacher) and then a descriptor (i.e. Teacher – K, Teacher – ESE, Teacher – ESE PK, Supplies – Classroom, Supplies – Custodial)

You can only list items provided in the Allocation formula and the additional items listed above.

There are two sample items included on the spreadsheet. You can type over the information in these rows for your first two items.

Grading:         This assignment will be grade based on the following:

· Each item in the budget based on the formula MUST be included (-.5 for any item missing)

· Function & Object classifications for each item (-.5 for any incorrect classifications)

1. What are the  Function & Object codes  for each of the personnel items?  – (6 points, ½ point for each incorrect Function or Object code).

2. What are the  Employee Counts  for each  Function  group? (1 points, ½ point for each incorrect employee count)

3. What are the total  non-Salary Costsby Function and Object, for the non-salary items (2 points, ½ points for each incorrect Function, Object, or total cost).

4. What are the total  variable  and  fixed  employee benefit costs? (1 point, ½ point each)

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