Healthcare Fraud SWOT AnalysisHealthcare Fraud SWOT Analysis

Feb 15, 2024

 Healthcare Fraud SWOT Analysis


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Healthcare Fraud SWOT AnalysisHealthcare Fraud SWOT Analysis
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Healthcare Fraud is a dishonest act committed by a healthcare professional in order to receive additional compensation for medical services. Healthcare fraud comes in many forms, such as unbundling, upcoding, billing for services that never happened, or falsifying documents. Once discovered, the fraudulent person is quickly arrested, but their actions negatively affects the reputation and brand of the healthcare organization.


During this activity, you will be writing a 2-3 page paper. To start with, you must review the link below and find a “real life” healthcare fraud case. After locating a case, please research the organization that was affected by the situation. Next, please create a SWOT analysis, which you will describe in paragraph form in your paper, which identifies challenges and opportunities that the organization will face while rebuilding their image.


Healthcare Fraud 

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