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Sep 12, 2023

Module 1: Lesson 5 – Discussion: AHIMA New Student Video

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Him1000 ahima new student video | him1000
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  1. Watch the AHIMA MEMBERSHIP VideoLinks to an external site. that explains why you should become an AHIMA member. 
  2. Select three high points from the video that interest you. Explain why?
  3. Check out membership on the AHIMA websiteLinks to an external site.. Learn more about student membershipLinks to an external site. and mentoring.
  4. Share with classmates the excitement and benefits of becoming a student member. Here are some writing points:
    1. Who can become a student member?
    2. List four benefits of becoming a student member.
    3. What other HIM association will the student simultaneously become an AHIMA student member?
    4. How can becoming a student member assist with your education at Miami Dade College?
  5. Post must be at least 250 words to discuss Open House and Membership. Do Not Copy and Paste.
  6. Use three (3) key terms when writing your discussion post.
  7. Be sure to respond to at least two (2) of your classmates.

To begin the discussion, click on the “Reply” link below.

Please Note: Xtra credit applies to students who obtain AHIMA Student Membership. See details in the Extra Credit – AHIMA Student Membership. (Available until xxx)

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