Human resource management assignment ptsd

Sep 13, 2023

BUSI 645

Agoraphobia and ptsd


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Human resource management assignment ptsd
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Jared is a retired veteran that served in the United States Army from July of 2004 to April of 2015. On August 21st, 2006, while deployed to Iraq he was injured by a 120mm Mortar round getting hit on the left side of his face with shrapnel. Because of this, he suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury, vertigo, memory loss, hearing loss, panic attacks, anxiety, and severe PTSD. As years progressed, the PTSD has made a turn for the worse. Jared however was not treated for Agoraphobia while in the United States Army but was later diagnosed by a psychiatrist outside of his Veteran Affairs Doctors that he has Agoraphobia. Jared has panic attacks 3 to 4 times a week and cannot tolerate crowds. The thought of stressful events triggers him as he has excessive sweating and sudden chills, hyperventilating, chest pain, intense fear of crowds, and closed spaces. This disability affects his daily living adversely as he is extremely depressed. He cannot maintain relationships outside of his wife and kids. Using the information provided, find research that connects agoraphobia to PTSD and why should Jared’s agoraphobia be recognized as a service-connected disability after being denied by the Department of Veteran Affairs.


Respond to the prompt provided in an essay format. The assignment requires 3 – 4 full pages and at least 5 scholarly resources to substantiate your position in your answer. You must carefully read the requirements below noting the expectations beforehand. These exercises are meant to foster your comprehensive research and writing skills.

The specific requirements are as follows:

· As a graduate student, the expectation is quite high for your required quality and effort. Your work must be written near the standard and quality of journals and other published materials.

· Cover page, abstract, reference page, and appendices do not count toward the minimum page length requirement.

· At least 5 scholarly sources are required.

· Use the current APA manual to ensure that you correctly cite your sources and quotations.

· The use of sources such as Wikipedia, Investopedia, blogs, personal, consulting or corporate websites are discouraged and will not count toward the required 5 references.

· Use of term paper or solutions-type websites is not allowed and will be treated according to the terms of academic honesty requirements.

Do not write in question/answer format (e.g., Using each question as a heading or sub-heading in your paper); you will receive an automatic 30% deduction if you do. Instead, use the questions to guide and form your paper.

Note: Meeting the minimum specifications will result in the minimum passing grade. You are expected to provide an in-depth, analytical review of the topic.
Assignments that do not meet
the minimum criteria will not receive a passing grade.

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