Human resource management j. moore module english 101 emailing

Sep 14, 2023


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Human resource management j. moore module english 101 emailing
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Email From the Student

Name of the Student: Ja’Kayla Moore

Email to the Teacher:

Professor or Teacher: Mrs. Kaleda Williams-Zanders

The Class is English 101

Note: this assignment is for a 11th grader the email information can be made up to so the email. I listed above the student and teacher name.

For this assignment, you will execute the skills you have learned about writing a professional email. 




You have just enrolled at the college, but you were enrolled late into the course. As a result, you were not able to introduce yourself to the instructor on the first day of class. You must send an email to your professor introducing yourself along with giving the professor an explanation for your late addition to the course. 


Assignment Requirements:

· This email should be set up as if you were sending an email to the professor. This would mean that it should include To, From, and Subject lines. 

· The subject line should state what the email will be about. It should be short and specific.

· Address the reader by his or her title, unless the reader asks you not to.

· Organization:

· Identify yourself. Write your full name and state which class you are in.

· Give a pleasantry, or short greeting. This makes the tone friendly and polite.

· State the reason for writing. Give some background information if necessary.

· Thank the reader and include a short sign-off.

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