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Sep 11, 2023


In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

  • Plan a project according to project management best practices


You have been hired as a project manager for a software company, ABC  Solutions. Their business development team has received a product  request from a new client, XYZ Financial Services. They need a custom  software solution to streamline some workflows and processes that will  be implemented in their offices worldwide. Your company has developed a  similar software solution, but the client requires additional features  and customization. The new software needs to be ready for a test run at  two of the offices in about six months and worldwide rollout in another  three months. Your boss, the project director, has asked you to manage  this product development project.

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Information systems assignment | QSO 340 | Southern New Hampshire University
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ABC Solutions uses the traditional waterfall method for software  development. The proposed project schedule should include the following  major tasks: determine the software requirements, design, code test,  system test, address issues with software, and deliver the prototype.  You have been asked to assemble a team with the skills and expertise to  perform these tasks.

Before initiating the project, you, the project director, and a  software architect meet with the IT director and product manager of XYZ  Financial Services to understand their requirements. They explain that  the custom software should include three new features, five feature  customizations, and a new interface design to match the client’s brand  colors and logo.

Later, you and some key team members analyze the scope and  requirements to arrive at some critical decisions and conclusions. These  have been summarized in two project documents:

You will need to choose and allocate resources from the following  available team members: a user interface (UI) designer, UI developers, a  software architect, technical team leads, software developers, and  software testers. You will also have access to two team members from the  development team of the original software, who will act as consultants  for your team. However, these members are only available part time since  they are also busy on other projects.


Project Planning
Use the information from the  scenario, including the project charter and effort estimates, to create a  single file that includes the following components: stakeholder  register, risk register, work breakdown structure (WBS), and  responsibility matrix. You can also make reasonable assumptions to help  you complete these tasks. But, be sure to explain your assumptions.  Address each of the tasks outlined below.

  1. Stakeholder register: Identify and list the stakeholders for this project. Ensure it includes the following details:
    1. Their names
    2. Their role in the project
    3. Their influence on the project and its outcomes
  2. Risk register: Identify and describe at least four  individual project risks, including the risks identified in the project  charter. The register should include the following details for each  risk:
    1. The description of the risk
    2. The probability the risk may occur
    3. The impact the risk can have on the project
    4. The response plan if the risk occurs
    5. The person responsible for handling the risk
    6. The status of the risk
  3. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): Create a WBS and  Networking Diagram for the project. It should include the major  milestones and all tasks arranged in the order they should be completed  in the project. Also, be sure to indicate any dependencies between  tasks.
  4. Responsibility Assignment Matrix: Create a  responsibility matrix with a responsible, accountable, consulted, and  informed (RACI) chart that shows how the tasks in the project are  assigned to the respective team members. Also, include a RACI chart for  all stakeholders you identified earlier.

What to Submit

To complete this project, you must submit the following:

Project Management Plan
Create a project  management plan that includes the stakeholder register, the risk  register, the WBS, and a responsibility matrix. Combine all four  components into a single file. Remember to cite any references in the  APA format.

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