Information systems may 27 assignment

Sep 14, 2023

For this week’s assignment, research how supply chain management platforms can benefit companies to help overall business operations. 

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

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Information systems may 27 assignment
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1. Provide detailed information on the importance of supply chain management in a digital business platform.

2. Research and list a minimum of three specific examples of how supply chain management benefits companies. Be sure to include direct references for these examples.

3. Discuss the future of supply chain management in e-commerce domestically and globally. Think about how this will benefit future companies in the digital world.

A minimum of 500 words of content, not including title and reference pages.

Include an addendum that contains a memo from yourself to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) regarding the implementation of a new e-Commerce feature. 

Include a minimum of four scholarly or academic references to justify your content.

APA 7th edition format and references are required.

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